Social MMO Games

We are creating a new category of mobile games. These games are built from ground up to be played and shared with other players.

IP & Storytelling

Characters and the world are essential part of a great story. We're really pushing boundaries with a new 7 Legends story universe.

Massive Real-Time

It requires huge amount of vision and craft to bring games alive at scale. Our systems are designed for a growing global audience.

7 Legends

Soft-launched in App Store and Google Play


In our journey we are working with truly extraordinary people in the games industry. Are you ready to challenge the status quo and yourself to create something that captivates the audience around the world?

Are you a team-player, creative and ambitious to tackle the global arena? Let’s have a coffee and talk about how we can create the future of mobile gaming together.

Open positions

New openings in our team for an experienced gameplay programmer and UA manager. This is a great opportunity for anybody who is excited to solve challenging and complex problems in the fast growing mobile games industry.

Dazzle Rocks

A social games studio in the center of Helsinki, Finland. We love games and challeging ourselves to bring the most unique, massive, artistic ideas to reality.
We are 100% focused on mobile games.


Fredrikinkatu 29A, 5th floor
00120 Helsinki