Mobile games for the social era

We are creating unique games that give the control back to the players. Design worlds, craft tools and explore the vast universe of a living world.

Social MMO Games

A new genre where the community, trading and constructing shape the environment. MMO means there is chance to group up and take on the missions together, always online.

IP & Storytelling

The 7 Legends universe is an expanding 3D virtual world that evolves with the players. Deep and crossing storylines, quirky characters and rich bounties make it a land of wonders.

Everything Real-Time

We are running a a custom, high-performance backend designed and made for mobile games. We believe real-time gameplay is the present and future.

Recent news

Pocket Gamer has written an article of our early days and how we are building up the company and Elite Game Developers made a nice podcast.

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Next chapter

We are pretty excited how the game is developing and it makes us eager to welcome new collegues. If you are not afraid of world-class challenges and ambition - we'd like to meet you!

More information

7 Legends

Soft-launched in App Store and Google Play


In our daily work we are working with some of the brightest minds in the games industry Are you ready to make a difference and also challenge yourself to create something that moves the players around the world?

Are you a team-player, creative and ambitious to tackle the global arena? Let’s have a coffee and talk about how we can create the future of mobile gaming together.

Open positions

New openings in our team for experienced Senior Game Programmer and User Acquisition roles. This is a great opportunity to work on something very different. We are looking to work with the most ambitious, driven and creative people in the industry.

Dazzle Rocks

A social games studio in the center of Helsinki, Finland. We love games and challeging ourselves to bring the most unique, massive, artistic ideas to reality.
We are 100% focused on mobile games.


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00130 Helsinki