Summer update

Soft-launch releases

We began the technical testing for 7 Legends in the last winter. During the spring we have made 8 major releases and expanded the available countries. There has been a major overhaul based on the user feedback to many systems in the game.

The town layout has been changed to better fit the idea of building it over time. It begins small, but players can acquire more land to design their own productions. Many features have also been made easier and faster to use by reducing unnecessary steps to complete them.

Android version

We have given special attention to support various Android devices. Since the launch the performance has been addressed and we are rolling out the latest, significant optimizations in the coming summer weeks.

New position available

The community has grown to a good size and we feel it's important we continue to support our players in a similar quality we have in other areas of the game development.

We are opening a new, exciting position in our Helsinki office for this role: UA Manager. The primary task will be to grow the community and our digital channels, including the social media campaigns, activities and game news. Read more about the UA Manager position.

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