New location & ambition!

New location & growing team

During the month of July we've moved to our new office on the prime location of Erottajankatu 1 with a beautiful view towards Iso Roobertinkatu. The old but recently renovated office is almost double in size compared to the old office with a sauna and a gaming room! However, its not time for slacking. With growing ambitions and faster growth our team is also in need of some enthusiastic, creative, and Dazzling people to push us forward. Check out our open positions on the front page and see if we would be a good match!

Social channels reinvigorated, finally!

Yes. We know. We're sorry! We haven't been as active on our social channels as we've wanted. There is a good reason for that though. We really want to make the best game possible for you and so we've focused our efforts to a large extent on developing 7 Legends. However, the time has come to raise the social channels out of the dead, and we promise to try to keep you up to date on our progress, open positions and provide an insider view of the company.

Game Development update

Now it would take forever to go through the past year of updates but you can check out for yourself by trying out the game. However, we will mention the last couple major updates to give you some indication. A few updates ago we noticed that there were some onboarding issues. Some of the instructions were unclear so we fixed that! We are of course constantly monitoring the progress of new players to make sure that learning the game is made as easy as possible. We also balanced some of the missions and quest books as we noticed that some took considerably more time than we intended. Keep sending that feedback, we love it! Finally, in our previous update we focus on the level up flow, and making the common town more exciting with pets and random reward boxes scattered around the map. Hang in tight for the updates and dazzling progress to come!

Check out our game 7 Legends: Craft Adventure in select markets!

Dazzle Rocks

A social MMO games studio in the center of Helsinki, Finland. We love games and challeging ourselves to bring the most unique, massive, artistic ideas to reality.
We are 100% focused on mobile games.


Erottajankatu 1 A8
00130 Helsinki