Dazzle Rocks has raised $6.8 million in funding to bankroll its massively multiplayer online mobile game that is a sandbox world just like Minecraft. 

Galaxy Interactive leads Series A funding for Helsinki studio

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PROJECT X Private Beta

Now in an early Beta Release to privately test and collect feedback with our most dedicated community members —

We are building a Social gaming platform, empowering players to design, create, build with community in a living world.



We are making a new kind of sandbox MMO experience for mobile. It's a social world-building game about exploration, adventure, and collaborating with other players.

It's a real-time game with endless outcomes and the winning strategy is to be yourself. Play, create, and try out the customization options and make our world.


The vast environment and its rich and varied landscapes will provide a deep gameplay variety. Our mission is to make games that stay fresh for years with a constant evolution.

We are eager to show more of the fun surprises the shared world has within it.


Stella Wang

CEO, Co-founder

Stella is a creative visionary in developing social MMO mobile games, having formerly served as Executive Producer at Rovio Entertainment where she developed new games and IP, led R&D teams and (with her Co-Founder, Joonas Jokela) launched new gaming services globally. Stella brings not only the creative vision embedded in the company’s gaming metaverse but also a deep understanding of the differences in gameplay among key Eastern and Western mobile gaming markets.


Joonas Jokela

COO, Co-founder

With over ten years of experience in tech R&D, programming and project management, Joonas connects the dots between technology, art and business and coordinates the game production process from initial idea, to design and implementation, to sustainable and scalable market release. His career includes working with category-defining companies Suunto and Rovio Entertainment, where he delivered multiple successful projects as a leader in the R&D process.


Alexander Schachtschabel

CTO, Founding team

Alex has worked for over 13 years in the technology sector, including designing and implementing game services at Rovio that massively scaled its cloud-based global presence. Prior to Rovio, he was developing highly-scalable and highly-available telecom systems at Ericsson and Fujitsu.




Take initiative to explore, learn and grow. Staying curious and open-minded is essential for our progress.


Be a part of the team and cooperate. Mutual respect, shared goals and learning from experiences makes us stronger.


Discuss and listen with the team. Understanding the why before what. Best solutions are often simple.


Be an architect of your path. It's a strength to know yourself and maintain the motion towards goals.


We have multiple new positions available on the careers page, read more from here.

What investors say about us

Stella and her team are a true embodiment of sisu, a perfect fit for us to support. Sisu is a Finnish concept and means extreme determination, grit and bravery.

- Sisu Game Ventures

Initial Capital invested in Dazzle Rocks at the earliest stage it has ever invested in a mobile gaming company. It has been a rewarding experience to be involved from the beginning and see our confidence in the founding team’s vision and boundless ambition reach fruition.

- Ken Lamb, Co-founder and Partner, Initial Capital

With our digital identities becoming a critical component of how we define who we are, we were excited to discover in Dazzle Rocks a mission-driven team seeking to drive meaningful connection and engagement through social play. Leveraging this team’s deep understanding of mobile markets across the East and West, we are excited about their potential to unlock creative communities at global scale.

- Richard Kim, Partner, Galaxy Interactive

Spintop looks forward to continuing to support the excellent Dazzle Rocks team and their exciting Social MMO games and we welcome the strength Galaxy Interactive brings to build the company as it moves forward.

- Erik Wenngren, Partner and Co-founder, Spintop Ventures

We love Dazzle Rocks’ mission of creating social games that attract a diverse audience, in particular, the female player segment, which is growing exponentially. We’re excited to be investing in Stella, Joonas, and the rest of the team of experienced game developers. The team’s strength and unique insights into Eastern and Western markets alike make them uniquely positioned for success. With some of the most experienced founders in the gaming space onboard our Collective, we are uniquely positioned to help, not only with capital, but operational expertise as well. We’re grateful Dazzle Rocks have chosen us to take this journey with them.

- Eric Lagier, Managing Partner, byFounders

MTG saw early on that the Dazzle Rocks team were creating something very unique and potentially quite disruptive in the social MMO space. In addition, we felt the Dazzle Rocks team was not only incredibly talented, but also shared a very focused vision of what they want to achieve. Their entrepreneurial spirit was a great match for MTG.


Our backers


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