Work at Dazzle Rocks

We are here to make the most fun and innovative MMO games for mobile from East to West. Making games is a craft that involves not just game design, but the effort of the whole team. We want to empower the team to sketch, experiment, prototype, engineer and validate the best ideas. We use data, market analysis, intuition and best practises to develop games.

We are big supporters of iterative development, where game gets better at each iteration. This fast learning method is what keeps us going forward.


Diversity, skills and knowledge, ambition and focused vision. We are interested in creating the unseen and unexpected. In short, better games. We are now 10+ strong team of game designers, developers, artists and game makers. Previously we have been working in successful Finnish game companies and internationally.

How we work

Fast Learning. Being able to test ideas quickly and efficiently is important as well as carefully analysing the results. Always ask what can we learn from this?

Work as a team. Cross-discipline collaboration, where artists, developers and designers work on the same topic to make it better for all. It means we all speak the language of making games.

Aim high, stay humble, use data. Looking at the dashboard, raw data keeps us grounded and our vision clear. We build the tools for ourself, to make the success and bring great games to market. It's an amazing path.

Open positions

New openings in our team for experienced Unity Game Developer, Backend Engineer and User Acquisition roles. This is a great opportunity to make the leap to mobile MMO gaming! Join us for the journey!

Dazzle Rocks

A social MMO games studio in the center of Helsinki, Finland. We love games and challeging ourselves to bring the most unique, massive, artistic ideas to reality.
We are 100% focused on mobile games.


Erottajankatu 1 A8
00130 Helsinki